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Ease Your Revenue Management: Making Direct Debits Effortless!

Revolutionise you're billing with Gala Technology's Direct Debit recurring payment service. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual collections and welcome seamless transactions that fit right into your business flow. Be it variable or fixed, on-demand or regular - we've got you covered.

Unlike other services that might make collections on your behalf or impose extra charges, we stand out by personalizing your transactions. With us, you receive a fully branded Service User Number (SUN) for BACS or Creditor Scheme Identifier (CSID) for SEPA. This means your company's name will be prominently displayed on all customer bank statements, ensuring transparency and trust, reducing costs and payment rejections. With Gala Technology, you're not just choosing a service - you're choosing a partnership that cares for your business as much as you do.

Embarking on your Direct Debits journey? Let Gala Technology make it a breeze!

  • Direct Debits - they're the trusted, efficient, and cost-effective solution for recurring payments. As a customer-endorsed instruction, it allows organisations to collect varying amounts from a client's account, provided the client is informed about the collection dates and amounts in advance.

  • 53% of small businesses experienced late payments. Late payments shot up by 80% across the UK at the end of 2020, causing issues for 62% of small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • A testament to its effectiveness? Nine out of ten UK consumers use Direct Debits to settle some or all their regular bills. In fact, in 2022, Direct Debits facilitated a staggering 4,711,709 payments in the UK.

  • Imagine a world where late or frozen payments are a thing of the past. Offer your customers a payment solution they're comfortable with and put an end to chasing payments. With Gala Technology, this can be your reality, so call us now on +44 (0) 1709 911 661 or why not just Book a Demonstration right now click here

Sign-Up Your Customer

Getting Your Customer Onboard

At the heart of Direct Debits is the mandate - your payee's written permission for you to debit money from their account. With Gala Technology, setting up mandates is seamless and hassle-free. We equip you with a platform and the necessary tools to establish mandates through multiple channels - electronically via a link, via your contact centre, or the good old-fashioned way - through paper or PDF.

All you need to do is upload your customers' account details, specify the amounts you wish to debit, and set the collection date. We take it from there, preparing and submitting the details to the appropriate Direct Debit scheme for collection. With us, initiating your Direct Debit journey is as easy as 1-2-3

Easy Mandate Management and Storage

Keeping track of all your direct debit mandates is crucial to ensure correct processing. Gala Technology makes mandate management effortless. We provide a comprehensive database for all your active mandates, meticulously recording every detail.

With us, you'll always have access to and control over your mandates. It's just one more way we simplify your direct debit processes.
Mandate storage and maintenance

Customer Communication

Streamlined Customer Communication

To comply with Direct Debit schemes, you're required to inform customers about the amount to be collected and the collection date. Gala Technology simplifies this task for you. We offer practical options to seamlessly handle all your direct debit customer communications.

Automated Direct Debit Collections

Manually generating direct debit collections can be time-consuming. But not with Gala Technology. We offer the option of bulk instructions via file or API call. For regular collections of a fixed amount, schedules can be set up within our user-friendly interface, turning the process into a fully automatic one. Make your direct debit collections work for you with our streamlined service.
Generate the direct debit collection

Show me the money!

Get Paid Instantly!

With Gala Technology, your account is credited on the very same day your customer’s account is debited. Our system is fully compliant with all published Open Banking standards and continuously updates to meet evolving standards across Europe. It's your money, why wait for it?


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