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Say goodbye to fraud-related chargebacks and embrace effortless, PCI-compliant payments with Gala Technology's multi-award-winning Payment Request solution, SOTpay. We're the choice of businesses big and small across various sectors, from retail to financial services.

Pay by link with SOTpay protects your enterprise from 'Card Not Present' frauds, simplifies PCI DSS compliance, and slashes processing costs. With the added support for Open Banking - Account to Account payments, your customers enjoy a quick, few-click payment process, and you benefit from instant settlements.

Embrace the simplicity of SOTpay. As a cloud-based technology, SOTpay allows swift and economical deployment. Merchants can access our platform on any device and process card or Open Banking payments in seconds using the pay by link feature.

Here's how it works:

  • Generate a Payment Request for a card payment or account-to-account transfer using the pay by link method.
  • Send your branded pay by link via telephony, email, SMS, electronic invoice, or digital channels like live chat, webchat and social media.
  • Choose to track payment progress in real-time while interacting with the customer or set the system to notify you once the payment, made through pay by link, is completed.
  • Receive your funds via your regular merchant account/acquirer.

Redefine your payment experience with SOTpay's secure and efficient pay by link Payment Request solution.

How does SOTpay Payment Request work?

SOTpay is a cloud-based technology, ensuring swift and cost-effective deployment. Merchants can login to our platform on the PC, laptop, mobile device or tablet and send and receive card or Open Banking payments in seconds.

The Payment Journey

Step 1: Generate the Payment Request for either a card payment or an account-to-account payment, via Open Banking.

Step 2: Send the branded Payment Request via email, SMS, electronic invoice or into any digital channel such as webchat and social media.

Step 3: You can choose to have real-time visibility of the payment progress whilst remaining in dialogue with the customer or just simply program the system to let the agent/business know when payment is complete.

Step 4: Receive the settlement of the funds via your merchant account/acquirer as normal.

How does SOTpay work

SOTpay Payment Request Features

Branded Payment Requests:
Generate the Payment Request for either a card payment or an account-to-account payment, via Open Banking.

Acquirer & Gateway Agnostic:
Our solution has been built to be flexible - thus connecting to over 100 payment gateways and acquirers, allowing swift deployment alongside your existing infrastructure.

Open Banking Capabilities:
SOTpay supports the latest payment technology including Open Banking, which enables merchants to request and accept account-to-account payments in a few simple clicks.

Unlimited Accounts & Users:
We do not believe in charging you extra for additional licenses or users. You can have unlimited accounts and users, with defined permission levels to put in controls to suit your business.

Attended or Unattended Links:
Our flexible platform allows the business to dictate whether they want real-time visibility of the transaction journey progress or simply receive email updates when payments are completed.

Comprehensive Reporting:
The SOTpay reporting platform gives you real-time update and visibility of the progress of payments, so you know when your customers have received the link, engaged and paid.
Comprehensive and detailed reports are also available and exportable to support reconciliation.

Bulk Payments:
Another option for businesses, is to simply upload a CSV file in our platform where it will send numerous links out to numerous people in one go.

Post Transaction Features:
SOTpay Payment Request has the ability to support Card On File and Tokenisation, enabling the business to process subsequent adhoc payments or set up automatic recurring or scheduled payments, whilst remaining compliant to PCI DSS.

What are the benefits of using SOTpay within my business?
Eliminate Fraud Related Chargebacks:
In 2021, there was £524.5M lost to fraud on UK issued cards and over 2.8 million reports of fraud in Card Not Present (CNP) channels.
What are you doing to protect your organisation, employees and customers?
SOTpay facilitates additional authentication methods in the Card Not Present (CNP) channels, shifting the chargeback liability to the card issuers, consequently eliminates fraud related chargebacks and reducing cost.

Reduce Processing Costs:
SOTpay is a cloud-based solution which supports a swift and cost-effective deployment and our flexible payment options offer either a 'pay as you go' or 'pre-purchase' of credits.
Because SOTpay authenticates that the genuine cardholder is processing the transaction, it can significantly reduce your merchant processing fees, by converting 'non-secure' transactions into 'secure, authenticated, PCI compliant' transactions, which are often processed at a lower rate.

Simplify PCI DSS Compliance:
SOTpay uses unique technology to facilitate a simplified approach to address the complexity of PCI DSS compliance for telephone and other Card Not Present payments. SOTpay removes all sensitive card data from the merchant environment, which takes the environment completely out of scope for PCI DSS.
Our approach has seen us awarded with a number of PCI awards.

Open Banking Capabilities:
Gala Technology have invested and integrated Open Banking into their payment platform, which enables organisations to send payment requests in a number of channels, allowing the customer to make an account-to-account payment in seconds.

Cloud Based Technology:
SOTpay is a cloud-based technology so additional hardware is not required and existing telephony solutions do not need to be altered, so consequently deployment is swift.
Our cloud-based portal requires no integration, allowing you to operate and generate secure and compliant payment requests on any compatible internet-enabled device, meaning that business can take Card Not Present payments without the need of website.

Multi-Channel Capabilities:
With the continued growth of Social Media platforms and web chat applications, customers are looking to engage with businesses via a whole host of channels.
SOTpay enables you to take secure and PCI compliant transactions in live time, regardless of where or how your customer is communicating with you, enhancing their service experience.

Protect Your Reputation:
SOTpay ensures that sensitive card data does not enter the merchant environment, which gives reassurance to customers and eliminates the risk of payment card data breaches, which in turn protects the merchant from reputational damage and expense associated with a data breach.


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